Laurent Gautier is the home of the Gemstone alternative. Our man-made sparkling stones are what the jewelry industry calls "gemstone simulants". Using the latest simulant technology, our superior quality stones are made from AAAAA grade cubic zirconia. 

Our stones possess all the optical qualities of the finest quality gemstones unearthed. Please see the below video for an example of the stones we use in our jewelry.

Our stones are cut to the same exact proportions and standards demanded by the precious/semi-precious gemstone industry to ensure maximum clarity, brilliance and sparkle. Laurent Gautier resonates with you because our jewelry is undeniably beautiful and does not harm the Earth. Our stones are proudly man-made and conflict-free. Their production has less impact on the Earth plus they’re a fraction of the retail price of a mined gemstone. We believe we offer the world a better alternative while still providing the same ideal beauty of precious gems.